Stories of Success Climate-smart Energy

In 2019, CATIE installed 72 solar panels in one of its buildings in order to demonstrate the savings that can be achieved with the implementation of this type of technology. CATIE hopes to gradually replicate this initiative in other institutional facilities of higher-energy consumption. With this pilot project CATIE is moving towards the use of clean energy and climate-smart buildings, thus contributing to the environment by reducing the effects of global warming.

The size of the photovoltaic plant is 23.40 KwP and it generates 32,563 kWh per year (92% of the total energy consumed by the selected building). This represents an economic saving of USD 6,200 per year.

The total investment of the project is of approximately USD 29,000 and the return on investment will be achieved in about 4.8 years. The installation of the panels and the entire system was developed by the company Enertiva through a request for bid process, and in coordination with CATIE’s Department of Information Technologies and Communication.

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